Pure Randomness!

Pure Randomness!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sorrento: Giant tomatoes, sunsets and oranges

After the picture tour of Rome and eating the best pizza in Naples, Sorrento was our next destination. Running behind a small truck, filled with vegetables, was the first thing I did after I landed in Meta di Sorrento. I had seen a vegetable in the truck which I had not seen earlier, or so I thought. So I landed up in the vegetable shop, puffing and panting, following the truck after running for a kilometer. The lady at the counter told me it is pomodoro, and showed me a smaller tomato, when she realised that I dint understand what a pomodoro is. There I bought the tomato and brought it to our home stay, to my friends' amazement.
My mobile posing with the heirloom tomato
The home stay where we stayed had the best sunset view of all the places during this trip. We took our evening tea, stood, clicked and contemplated at the balcony in silence.
Sunset at Meta

For the visit to the Amalfi Coast we hired a car and drove from Sorrento. I was the designated driver and ended up driving looking straight ahead while others enjoyed the view. The roads were pretty winding and I needed to keep the car on the road without rolling down the hills. Once in a while I ended up looking at the view while driving, to the absolute horror of my friends. They all wanted to drive the car, but after seeing the winding roads and the beautiful view, none of them drove.

Driver has a horrible tan

Driver had her moments too
I had the best hot chocolate at Caffe Positano, the only hot chocolate which can beat that, is my own hot chocolate, for which I will post the recipe later.

Waiting for the hot chocolate

Reflective mood after the hot chocolate

Beautiful view from Positano

Amalfi Coast
I just realised that I do not have a picture capturing the beauty of Amalfi Coast and Wikipedia has a beautiful panoramic picture.
Sunset at Sorrento beach
We had been seeing these oranges hanging on the road side trees for a long time. We had not managed to pluck any oranges as they were always at unreachable heights. After watching the sunset at the Sorrento beach when we were walking back, we again stood around the trees staring at the oranges.
Preets can't reach the orange
After seeing my Iowa State Cyclones sweat shirt, 2 Amercians struck up a conversation with us, telling they were from Iowa. After some time, we asked them to help us get the orange. After jumping up for sometime they shrugged their shoulders and told us that it was not possible. Preeti retorted, "May be you dint try hard enough". After looking around for a minute, one of them lifted up his daughter to the tree and she reached and plucked the orange for us.
This time I try hard enough!
 We left from Sorrento the next day morning with hearts contend with giant tomatoes, delicious hot chocolate, beautiful drive, radiant sunsets and helpful Americans who would try hard enough when pushed.


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  2. Nice and very cute article. The last pic was the most attractive

  3. Some lovely photographs and a lovely place.
    These Oranges growing wild reminded me of the apples growing wild in Flessels (France)

  4. All the very best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Chintan.. I just wanted to try out and see how I fare :)