Pure Randomness!

Pure Randomness!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A love story by my kitchen window

Sun-birds are cute, sun-birds are small. But what sun-birds are not are photography friendly. I keep seeing two sun-birds on my pomegranate tree every day. This tree is just next to the garden door, so the moment I open the door they fly away. So I took to watching them through my window. But after sometime the photographer in me starts getting itchy hands, brings the camera, opens the door and the birds again fly away.
I was cooking in my kitchen one day when I saw two sun-birds on the bougainvillea tree at my kitchen window. That was the starting of the love story. I stopped whatever I was doing, ran in, got my camera and clicked.

I got this snap through my kitchen grill. I was so thrilled. From the further developments I am guessing that this was the time when the sun-birds decided to build a nest or it was the guy proposing to the girl or may be both.

After a few days the birds built a nest at the same place where I caught them romancing. When I saw the nest, I didn't expect that to be occupied. I thought it was already abandoned before it was completed, may be due to the increased traffic in my kitchen (a lot of baking happening). 

Then I saw that the nest is indeed occupied. I expected the nest to be a little bit more finished if it was to be occupied; this looks pretty crude. May be the sun-bird couple is a pretty lazy one. I keep checking the nest to see whether the bird is still there, of course from a little far away. If there is any movement nearby the bird flies away and then comes back.
I am really tempted to check whether there are eggs inside, but may be if I go too close the bird might not return. I was wondering whether I should wait for sometime and see whether there are going to be sun-bird chicks, click them and then post this. But then love stories end when the girl and boy end up together and then they lived happily ever after. It is never, they had kids/chicks and then they lived happily ever after ;)