Pure Randomness!

Pure Randomness!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A new year: same challenges

The new academic year brings in bigger challenges. 7th standard students who shout "square" and "rectangle" looking at a triangle is just one of that. If I had a little bit more time and energy the one thing I would have set out to straighten would have been the attitude of teachers towards teaching and learning, in my school. As of now what I understand from the teachers in my school regarding attitude towards learning is that, they have none. They think their responsibility as a teacher finishes when they 'teach' and they have absolutely nothing to do with the students learning.

Scene 1, lunch time, 5 teachers are having lunch.

T1: In school A they pay Rs.7000 to the teachers.
T2: But there are 70 students in each class. Rs.7000 is not worth it if you have to shout your lungs out every day at 70 students.
T1: But they give printed notes to each student in the class.
T3: Oh, thats great. Then you just have to go to the class and give the notes to the children.
T1: Of course, you just have to read that out. Thats your responsibility. Whether the students are learning or not, is not.
It took me a while to gather my jaw and tongue from the floor and look composed again. But then it got me thinking. If T1 actually didn't have any doubt in her mind about the students' learning being her responsibility, she wouldn't have even mentioned that, would she? So may be there is a little bit of hope there.

Hopeless is what I would say about the next one. I have shown my principal, the pathetic results from the tests which I have administered in 6th and 7th standard. Few days later.

Scene 2, T4 approaches me.
T4: Do you think I haven't taught anything to the students last year?
I: Oh! When did I say anything like that?
T4: The principal told me.
I: What?
T4: She told me that the 6th std students do not know anything and I haven't taught them anything.
I: Ah, I have indeed told her that the 6th std students do not know things at their level and thats all what I have told her.
T4: Ok. I have taught everything last year. But haven't you seen how they are! They just don't learn.
Here she doesn't even have a doubt in her mind about the learning part being her responsibility.

Do I really need to take it upon myself to hammer some sense into their heads? Even if I try, would there be any change in them at all, or will I be wasting my time and alienating myself more?