Pure Randomness!

Pure Randomness!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everest Base Camp Trek, Day 1

We were up and out by 5 am to catch the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. After paying for the extra luggage (khakhras and theplas and such dangerous items) we made our way to the flight. The sight of the small 15 seater flight had my tummy in a flutter. Halfway through the flight we started seeing the mighty mountains with snow capped peaks. Except for that, the flight was rather eventless and so was the landing at Lukla. Later in the trip I would learn that this is the most dangerous airport in the world. I would have looked at the flight with a little bit more respect had I known earlier.
You don't believe me? Check this out.

After landing we met our guide for the next 11 days and 124 kms, Chhiri Sherpa (ah, who could have predicted that was not to be), the “No problem” man and Lakpa Sherpa. Later I would figure out that I was in a country of  sweet “No problem” men and women. He assured us that the days trek is not too long or hard and herded us into the restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast we were raring to go and when we saw that Chhiri is not anywhere close to starting and is waiting for something or someone M told him that we are ready. Chhiri with a straight face told M, “Ok, no problem, go walk”. We burst out laughing and decided to give Chhiri the guides prerogative of guiding and leading us. Lukla being at an elevation of 2860 mtrs, we were supposed to reach a lower elevation after the days trek to Phakding at 2610 mtrs, but the trail obviously included climbing up and down.

Go through a Sthupa for some climbing luck before we start.

M, N, P, R, S at the Pasang Lamu gate to the climb.

The climb starts with an arch created to felicitate Pasang Lhamu who is the first Sherpa woman to have climbed the Everest. It felt it quite apt for the start of the climb. Once we started, the initial few minutes I tried to stay away from the mule dung which was abundant on the trail. I decided a few minutes into the walk that it is not possible at all when I saw that the dung clung onto the ground in a dry layer and at times climbing up to our nostrils. The mules kept walking the trail and we kept pressing ourselves to the mountainside so that we are not in their way. Sometimes it was load carrying Sherpas who were climbing against us and most of the time looking down as the load they were carrying tied to their head and back didn't allow them to look up. We found it a little funny to predict their route and stay away from that. R got scraped on her head once when she miscalculated.

Throughout the journey Buddhist chants accompanied us on rocks.

As promised by Chhiri, the trek was a short one, a distance of 6.2 kms. We managed that in around 3 hours and reached Phakding with a long and satisfying lunch tucked into us on the way. We were warned that the next days trek is hard and long. So we decided to chill, play cards, have an early dinner and retire early to bed.

Day 2


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